I just can't stop...

...making these little fellas.

Origami Bows
It started our with this really good tutorial on a rainy afternoon. Then I bought this. Now I keep making them. I've even got a special little pair of scissors I keep to one side just for origami. Well, bows actually, because my origami skill beyond bows is really very limited.
I find it incredibly relaxing. Achieving a state of relaxation in a small window of time has been incredibly important since we opened the shop!
I'm making mini ones now. Teeny tiny bows, just bigger than my thumb. I'll post some pictures of what we're using them for soon; posts have been infrequent this week as I've been working on the VAT return. It is thankfully now complete.
And I'm reading Anna Karenina, in accordance with my new 'don't watch the film until you've read the book' rule.
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