Exciting new jewellery stuffs!

We are having to install some new display in the shop this week, on account of all the new jewellery. So our card display as it is will be moving to make space. If you see Amy & I stood frowning at a bit of wall, please don't be surprised.

Some of the new things we have:

Little jumper cards with teeny button earrings - only £2.25 a pair.
Teeny tiny little buttons. Only they're earrings. With titanium posts, which are exceedingly good for sensitive ears (I've probably mentioned this before, but I can't tell you how excited I was when I found I could wear them!). We have all of the colours of the rainbow, but I couldn't get the blooming things to stand up, so here are a selection of the colours we have.

Perspex creature earrings - only £7.50 a pair.

Foxes and squirrels and fawns and bunnies and birds and sheep and all sorts of fabulous shapes! Again, titanium posts. We are so in love with these, we've had them for nearly 2 weeks but couldn't decide quite how to package them. We wanted to find something that does them justice! We're still working on it, but these hand cut cards with a fabric stripe make them a great gift. Unless we keep them all to ourselves...

Perspex necklaces - £9.50.

They rock. Enough said. 

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