You give egg cups at Christmas, right?

Oh wait. Did I get my holidays mixed up again?

New animal-face egg cups now in stock, £7.95

Well, I think they're lovely. I thought I would want a Pug, but actually it's the Panda that has stolen my heart. They're all so cute though! I find them reminiscent of characters in Babe or Beatrix Potter books. The boxes are also a convenient shape for wrapping!

I purchased a c-word tree for the shop yesterday. I'm sorry. I think it's too early too, but the big nasty branded shops have all got their decorations out already. It's peer pressure.

Also in stock, Advent Calendar kits! 24 hand printed envelopes with all the bits and pieces you need to decorate them as shown in the picture above - Washi tape, vintage stamps, buttons, stars, hearts, lace, ric rac, doilies etc. The envelopes are ready to be filled with your chosen presents. Here is a list of ideas we came up with:

Mini playing cards and a promise to teach them a new game
Start a treasure hunt to a bottle of bubbles
A pretty rubber
Some marbles
Write a note promising a trip to feed the ducks
A nice hair slide or bobble
A mobile phone charm
A poem
A pair of earrings 
Part of a lego model, add more bits on different days
A Balloon
A promise to stay up later than usual on the weekend
A sheet of stickers
Mini colouring crayons and a treasure hunt to a colouring book
A recipe for some biscuits you can make together
A promise to put the Christmas Decorations up that evening
Cinema tickets or a special trip (to see Father Christmas?)
A fridge magnet
A treasure hunt to a new pair of socks
Some googly eyes
A treasure hunt to a Christmas DVD
Some Hama Beads
A badge
Some cool buttons
Glow in the dark stars
A yoyo
A new Christmas decoration
A promise of their favourite tea - or Breakfast for tea!
A juming bean7
A rubber stamp
A lip balm
Or just head to Lantern Corner sweet shop and get some of their favourites!

Bless Nathan and his Washi-'Tache. I can't wait for his next post. He does put my blog posts to shame somewhat. I'm concise by nature, I can't help it!

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