Batwing jumpers and ra ra skirts

Growing up in the 80s was amazing. Roller skates rocked. Deliberately ruining your clothes was cool. Making up a dance routine to Tiffany was THE thing to do on a Friday night. Crimped hair (the bigger the better) and questionable make-up was the way to go. If you didn't get a ghetto blaster for Christmas, life wasn't worth living. Computers didn't work unless you spent 10 minutes playing them a tape that sounded like dirty drum and bass, at precisely the correct volume.

If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 80s, we now have an intense dose of nostalgia available in store:

If you missed out this unbelievably cool decade, you can play catch up in a year with 52 fun activities - from cross stitch Mario to making Timmy Mallet shades.

Teen Wolf dress up doll
 99 Red Balloons fancy dress costume
Ferris Beuller paint by numbers
Throw an 80s dinner party

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