What to do with Washi - Part 15

This post should actually have been entitled 'what NOT to do with well known brands of blue tacky stuff'.

I was just clearing away some of the paperstuffs we've had adorning our walls, so we can start afresh for 2013 - sorry Ryan - when I was reminded of why my Mother never wanted me to have 5 Star posters on my wall. Well OK, in retrospect, she might have found the subject matter perplexing, but it was the 80s and I was 9. What were you in to when you were 9?

Anyway, posters in general on cleanly painted or papered wall tend to result in this:

Unsightly greasy marks. 

Washi tape on the other hand, not only looks cooler when it's up, but also leaves no ugly, sticky marks when removed. Bravo.

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