Woke up, fell out of bed

Ugh. I hate the clocks moving forwards. Why can't they keep going back? OK, don't answer that. In fairness, the bank holiday did ease the pain somewhat, and I am liking the lighter evenings.

I actually have three alarms to wake me up in the morning. It's not that I don't like being up and about, it's just that my bed is sooo comfy. We have just (today) taken delivery of some new alarm clocks in the shop; whilst I don't really need any more alarm clocks, having one of every colour does appeal.

Battery alarm clocks, £9.95

I did point out to Amy the hilarity of all the clocks being set to the same time when they come out of the box. She giggled and insisted I need to watch Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation, which I will do because he's ace.

We have some new patterns of insulated lunch bag in stock too now - we especially like the world map one. Good for exploring and taking your cucumber sandwiches with you.

Insulated lunch bags, £4.95
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