Batteries need charging, apparently

I failed to take any pictures of Washi yesterday because my camera battery was flat. I even have a spare, but that was flat too. I suck, sorry.

Have you noticed fellas wandering the streets with questionable facial fluff over the past week or so? It would appear that Movember is upon us once more! Remember Nate and his lovely blog posts last year? Well, this year he's gone one step further and made us all an educational video to watch!

For some reason, I can't embed the video from Youtube at the moment (I don't even know why, it should work, just doesn't, I'll try again later), so click here to see Nate's amazing video.

If you don't have any chaps you know who are taking part in Movember, feel free to adopt Nate as your own and make a little donation at his Mospace.

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