Pom-pom Tutorial

We sell snazzy pom-pom makers in the shop, that make it quick and easy to churn out a few in no time at all! Those of you who came along to #craftpartyleam might have played with them in the craft lounge. We love pom-poms! They have -almost- as many applications as washi tape! We even have a Pinterest board on this very subject for you to look at.

Here's a tutorial on how to use our pom-pom makers:
1. Take a snazzy pom-pom maker (available in 4 sizes from Berylune), yarn in your choice of colour and a pair of sharp scissors. We love these snips, they're super sharp and have a sprung handle, which makes chomping through several layers of yarn a doddle (also available at Berylune!).
2. Open one side of your pom-pom maker, holding the two layers together.
3. Wind yarn around the selected half of your pom-pom maker, keeping your yarn taught.
4. Cover this half of your pom-pom maker evenly.
5. Continue until you've covered your segment completely, in a thick, fat coating of yarn. Don't put so much on that you can't close the pom-pom maker again, but enough that you'll have a plump pom-pom. Trial and error might be required!
6. Now start on the other side.
7. Once you're happy your sides approximately match, push both segments together as shown above.
8. Holding the segments together, start snipping the yarn bundle around the edge.
9. Continue snipping all the way around, so all of your wrapped yarn has been cut in half.
10. Take a separate length of yarn and tie it around the middle of your pom pom maker, where you have just been snipping. Tie a tight knot to secure it completely - your pom-pom will fall apart without this!
11. Here is the clever bit. Ease the plastic segments (the bits you wrapped the yarn around), out of your pom-pom by gently tugging one side. Then pull the two halves of your pom-pom maker apart from one another - there is a pin in the middle that holds them together.
12. Trim any wayward strands away from your completed pom-pom!

 Photography courtesy of Fiona Murray.
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