Things didn't quite go according to plan.

We've had a busy few days here at the shop! Amy and I headed off to Winchester for the day on Wednesday for a jolly/inspirational tour.

 Even the graffiti in Winchester is nice

They have some pretty shops, I'd recommend it for a day out. We were far too hot for lunch, so had an ice cream sundae instead, but there were many lovely looking eateries to choose from. Minty left Warwickshire for the first time, and seemed to enjoy the ride. We came back full of ideas! Watch this space.

 A galvanised planter Amy picked up in Winchester for her Kitchen

On Thursday evening, 9 of us got stuck in to our first Social Crafting evening (we're trying to think of a name for them, ideas on a postcard please), we carved rubber stamps. It was so much fun, I forgot to take any photos! I carved some clouds, rain and birds.

I layered my stamps Eloise Renouf style.

On Friday, we all got stuck in to 'Project Clearout'. We almost completely emptied the shop's cellar, made a few runs to the tip and gathered together everything we don't want anymore to take to Cheltenham car boot (it's really a very good car boot!). It was exhausting - we started early to avoid the heat, but it inevitably ran well in to the afternoon. It beat me, but Fiona, my angel, came along and took my place for the final push of loading up the van.

Last night, we headed to the park for a picnic, to celebrate our friend Laura's birthday. Apparently, I fail at picnics, because I just went to Wagamama and got takeout instead. Yum. 

Amy & I headed home early, as we had a crack-of-dawn start planned for this morning. We were up with the birds and headed over to Cheltenham to pedal our wares... only Cheltenham car boot was cancelled today (we were half way down the M5 when we thought to check!). So we drove home and went back to bed instead, leaving Zoë to man the fort with Roisin and 3 dressmaking students!  Thank you Zoë, with your crazy vampires at the cinema dresses and your mad mini-envelope making ways.

We have formulated a new plan.This one is sure to go off without a hitch.

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