Why I Like Flow.

Time for some words.

I love magazines and always have. In a time before the internet (I don't mind admitting I remember it well), magazines offered exclusive access to exciting images, interesting articles, news about new and exciting things and very often a free gift of some sort on the front - making them exceeding good value for pocket money. We are almost overwhelmed with these things now. Blog Lovin' gives us a daily feed of beautiful content, pictures, articles... Thank goodness for Pinterest, so we can now scrapbook our favourite things.

Magazines have had to up their game. There are a few that are doing a fabulous job- Flow, Frankie, Uppercase, Kinfolk - I'm sorry if I've missed any of your favourites!

Flow is published every 3 months. Which means each edition has been 3 months in the making, and you can tell. The attention to detail and beautiful layout is very satisfying. It has a tactile mat cover and that glorious 'new book' smell. Inside, you get interesting articles and interviews, beautiful pictures and layouts, as well as those extras that make it exceptional value for pocket money - colouring-in pages, a notebook for you to remove and use and a4 prints on thick paper stock you can remove and frame (I'm convinced they're Ikea Ribba size). We have two different copies in stock, the first has the entire alphabet in spectacular illustrated fonts on postcard:

As well as an article on crochet that got Denise very excited!

The second has several pages of adorable card gift tags and a book diary replaces the notebook:

Of course, all of this removable content assumes you're prepared to deface your beautiful, pristine magazine. It's no good. I'll just have to have two copies of each edition.

Thanks to Fiona for holding the pages open for me. And for washing your hands first.

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