Only 2 days to go...

On Saturday, our shop expansion will be open for business.

It's taken a bit longer than we anticipated, but we're pleased to have it up and running for Christmas (oops, pre-November c-word slip). It has been harder work than opening the shop from scratch over 2 years ago! At least then the building was empty, and our ideas of what we wanted were less defined; we know now that you come to regret cutting corners later on, and once you're open, it's really hard to find the time to have major works done and even small things adjusted.

Here is what we've done:

We have closed our small downstairs back room, and we're in the process of converting it in to our new packing area and back office.
We have a shiny new counter, that is significantly bigger than any of our previous mish mash of counters, which curves around the now blocked off back room.
We have essentially closed our craft studio upstairs. We have noticed a growing trend within our workshop bookings, you lovely people seem to have a preference for our more social workshops, which are lighthearted and fun, as opposed to our more expensive and intense skill acquiring workshops. This is fine by us, we love spending time with all of you, too! So, whilst the craft studio is now closed, we have deliberately left enough space up there so we can turn it in to a pop-up craft studio. The new workshops will mostly happen in the evenings, a bit like knit and natter, but with different crafts and equipment for you to play with. And cake. Don't forget the cake.
We have created our own spanking new brand of craft supplies, which will now be on sale, along with all of the other modern crafting materials we sell, upstairs in our newly expanded shop (that was the studio).
We've painted the floor and stairs a spiffy grey colour, put some pretty shelves up, had some posh light fittings installed and lugged some heavy display furniture up there, so we hope you like it!
We are expanding our homewares 'department', which now lives upstairs.
We are expanding our party supplies 'department', which also now lives upstairs.
Last, but shockingly far from being least, our best friend Zoë has quit her job and is now a full time Beryloonie.

So if you're around on Saturday, pop down to the shop for our grand opening. There will be fizz and nibbles (I am misleading you slightly. We'll be serving cherryade and jam tarts, because who are we kidding?).

We can't wait to introduce you all to Berylune: The Pint Sized Department Store.

Pictures to follow. 

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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