There can be only one. Fine, there are 2.

Dirty Dancing

I had SO much fun forcing our Australian friend Alex to watch this movie when she was over here a few months back. We had an 80's movie fest, but the other one we watched is an F and we're not there yet.

Alex was surprised at the number of references to this film she had previously heard but didn't recognise - 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner' and 'I carried a watermelon', to name a couple. I think I had a copy of this on VHS that I just watched again and again...

Why do I like it? I'm not sure really, at the time I would have told you it was because Patrick Swayze was SO HOT, but now I look back and I think it was a genius combination of sound track, dancing, THAT LIFT. It also questions some class stereotypes and deals with an unwanted pregnancy without just saying 'That Penny, what a slut' (unlike Rizzo's character in Grease). I love the relationship between Baby and her Dad too. It was awesome then and I still think it's awesome now.

Favourite Quote - 'Nobody puts Baby in the corner'. Obviously.

Die Hard

Probably why Bruce Willis is even famous. He runs round in a vest, it's so much fun. It's the first film I remember seeing Alan Rickman in, and he was/is a hotty. It's also definitely a Christmas movie!

I realise now that in B I missed both Bladrunner ('Home again, home again, jiggity jig') and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure ('Bogus'). So if you need something to so, watch those!

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