The Empire Strikes Back? Nope. E.T.? Yawn. For me, the only choice here is:

Escape from New York

Set in the future - 1997 to be exact - Manhattan is a maximum security prison, where criminals are pretty much left to their own devices, but they're not allowed to leave. Which is great, until Air Force One crashes there! Kurt Russel is Snake, a man with a patch (that doesn't seem to inhibit his depth perception), who goes in to rescue the president.

Why do I like it? I love Kurt Russel's character. His t shirts have no sleeves and did I mention he has a patch? However, the supporting cast is just awesome. Watch it, you'll recognise so many people, but Isaac Hayes plays 'The Duke', whose car has chandeliers on the front and a disco ball inside! 

Favourite Quote - 'I'm going in.' I can't think of any others.

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