We have a festive choice!


Billy gets given a cute, fluffy creature called a Mogwai by his dad, with three simple rules to follow: 1/ No bright lights, 2/ No water, 3/ No food after midnight. Billy accidentally gets Gizmo (the Mogwai) wet, causing him to sprout baby fluffy Mogwais. These guys aren't quite as sweet as Gizmo, and trick Billy in to feeding them after midnight by fiddling with the clocks. They then transform in to Gremlins - they look like a cross between reptile and a teddy bear, and thoroughly enjoy causing all sorts of chaos. Gremlins might not look festive, but it all happens at Christmas, so there are twinkly lights and Christmas trees all over town.

Why do I like it? The puppetry is ace. I also remember desperately wanting a Mogwai doll and never getting one! My favourite bit in the film is a scene where Billy's Mum discovers a handful of greedy Gremlins in her kitchen. Rather than run away screaming, she takes them out one at a time, using the kitchen gadgets at her disposal - including a blender and a microwave! Billy's Mum rocks. She reminds me of my Mum. 

Favourite Quote - 'Bright light, bright light'.


New York City has been invaded by ghosts! Luckily, the recently-formed Ghostbusters are on hand to hunt down and ensnare the ghosts.

Why do I like it? Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray are funny. They have a fireman's pole and the battle a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man. What's not to like?

Favourite Quote - 'Back off, man. I'm a scientist'.

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