A word or two about shelves, again.

We're a bit obsessed with shelves around here - see this post from way back when for further confirmation. They're perfect for showing off your favourite collections and crafts, and are far more interesting and personal than a Klimt or Monet print.

I was lucky enough to receive another set of shelves for Christmas. Once they were hung on the wall, I filled them with some of my favourite bits and pieces, as well as a few things I hadn't yet found a home for. 

They tell you quite a lot about me, and I love that I can rearrange them as my tastes change.

We'll post more pictures of our shelves over the coming weeks.

We now have in stock some unfinished timber shelves, that are perfect for painting, staining, papering and generally prettifying, ready for your collections of stuff. Toys? Crafts? Old cogs? Stationery?

Starting at just £4.95 in store, we think these have awesome potential. Check out our Pinterest boards for further inspiration:

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