Love is in the air...

Valentines day might still be 2 weeks away, but sales of our cards are hotting up already! We have some valentines themed gifts also on their way, but they're not here yet. We're not at all worried. In the mean time, we have cards.

Here are our favourites:

 I think the one on the right is Don Draper

Tiny People love maths card, mostly because we love our tiny little people, but also because you can have a girl + girl or boy + boy. Available to purchase online here.

Mini love letter card, because everyone can think of 6 nice things to say about their other half, surely? Zoë is making mini envelopes from old copies of Sense and Sensibility like a mad woman. Includes 6 mini note cards and 6 heart stickers for sealing your envelopes. Available to purchase online here. And they're selling like hot cakes, so get yours soon, before we exhaust our local charity shop supplies of Jane Austin.

 Alphabet love card, becaue Amy carved the stamp and got the alphabet completely correct. Aside from that weird heart shaped 'O', what's up with that? Available to purchase online here.

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