New in stock! 80's style label makers...

We've had label makers before, but now we have a new batch that are both cooler and cheaper! Theres the mini, below, which comes with a roll of black tape that attaches to the side:

Then there is the Deluxe, below, that also comes with a roll of black tape, but the tape lives inside the handle, so the whole thing is pretty nicely contained. It also comes with an extra wheel, so you get more characters and a lowercase alphabet!

We have some new refill packs in stock as well, great if you want to colour code your labels. We think they're awesome for wrapping presents as well, just plain kraft paper and some bright twine...

All of the above are available on our shop, with FREE delivery. Also, if you add a refill pack to your label maker order, you get an additional discount! Bargain!

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