Uppercase Magazine - 51

"Dear Reader,

Quilts are personal.

Whether created by hand or by machine, the seams and stitches that make up a quilt are from the heart and mind of the maker. 

Quilts are art. 

Things that had little utility on their own are brought together, and reinvigorated as a patchworked object of self-expression. 

Quilts are poetry.

And for those of us who aren’t professional textile artists or even casual quilters, their tradition and visual history evoke emotion, memory and story. 

Quilts are reinvention. 

Quilts and patchwork can inspire us to create art that is written, drawn, painted or collaged.

Assembling the unique pieces of ourselves into a blanket of shared cultures and values, we take fragments of ideas, scraps of fabric and pieces of ourselves and reassemble them into a greater whole. "

-Janine Vangool
publisher / editor / designer

UPPERCASE is a quarterly print magazine inspired by craft, design and illustration. A playful exploration of creativity, an affinity for vintage ephemera, and a love of handmade are some elements common in each issue. The magazine boasts high-quality paper and printing, a unique design aesthetic and incredible attention to detail.

made from:

Paper, Card


21.6 x 2 x 27.9 cm