Japanese Precision Eraser

A choice of Japanese precision erasers!

Choose from the following -

Kokuyo 5 Point Eraser - a star shaped eraser for rubbing out precision mistakes! The numbers on each arm of the star let you know how wide the point is in mm. This number is printed all the way through.

Mono One - Available in a Pink or Blue case. Twising the casing extends a 6mm eraser.

Mono Zero - The 2.3mm tip on this rubber is perfect for fine corrections. Depress the end to eject more rubber when you wear it down. Perfect for artists, draughtsmen & engineers - or just stationery lovers! The long, thin design fits in even the smallest of pencil case.

made from:

Plastic, Rubber, Metal


Kokuyo 5 Point - Length 5cm, dia 2.5cm

Mono One - Length 7cm

Mono Zero - Length 12cm

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