Botanical Sleep Kit Gift Box


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By Yellow Gorse

A lovely gift for a good nights sleep!


*Pillow Mist - Freshly made using only natural ingredients & sleep inducing, calming & relaxing aromatherapy pure essential oils.  A botanical infusion of sedative frankincense, nerve relaxant lavender & bergamot plus calming, soothing chamomile. Mist onto linens to encourage sleep. 50ml

*Soothe Balm -

Gentle but effective all purpose soothe balm, use to calm the skin and to soothe the mind.

Contains skin calming blue azulene, chamomile & the healing herb calendula plus circulation boosting thistle oil & vitamin E oil.

*Pillow Sachet - A herbal sleep inducing concoction contained in a sachet.

Slip inside pillow case to encourage a peaceful night sleep.

Freshly made with organically grown herbs: hops, chamomile, & lavender mixed with calming, meditative frankincense, clary sage & bergamot pure essential oils.

Scent lasts roughly 1 month once opened.