Pigeon Letter Set - Wonderfully Wild
Pigeon Letter Set - Wonderfully Wild

Pigeon Letter Set - Wonderfully Wild

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Inspired by origami, Pigeon, is a beautifully crafted combination of letter and envelope. A more satisfying alternative to the always-on, instant-gratification tools we all use to communicate with each other every day. Because even with all our hi-tech wizardry, nobody has managed to recreate the magic and joy of the hand-written letter.

Simply pen your letter (we can't help you with that bit), re-fold your sheet (don't worry, it's super simple!), address the new 'front' and close with a stamp! 

About this pack:

We all need a little rewilding at times, and so we’re absolutely thrilled to bring you these exquisitely illustrated Pigeons by artist and printmaker Angela Harding. Puffins, whippets, and kingfishers, song thrushes, nightjars, and hares, this stunning collection celebrates our ongoing love of the natural world. Perfect for nature-lovers, birdwatchers, seafarers, and anyone who would welcome more wonderful wild in their life.

6 Pigeons per pack – each one different.

About the illustrator

‘The flick-flack-floosh of our letterbox announcing we have post is a great sound. These days letters are few and far between, so when a beautiful bright pigeon from John Morse-Brown arrived it was a joyous moment. He had written to ask if I would like to do some design work (I’ve never been asked by post before!) – how could I resist? That was last summer and it did take longer than I expected as I had to cut 12 blocks but it is wonderful to be part of the pigeon stable (or should that be loft?) I hope you enjoy this collection of wild designs – an apt title for an illustrator inspired by nature.’

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