Nib and Ink Calligraphy Book

Play with type, get creative with letterforms and fall in love with handwriting again. Taking you letter by letter through the modern calligraphy basics, Nib + Ink includes …

  • The four essential pieces of equipment and how to use them
  • Mark making drills and shapes
  • A modern calligraphy alphabet with a variation of styles to practise with guidance on joining letters, spacing and pacing
  • ­How to create flourishes, finishes and decoration
  • Simple projects from chalkboards and framed quotes to setting an envelope
  • Stationery ideas for weddings, parties and table settings
  • Troubleshooting tips, FAQs, stockists and resources

With this beautiful and immersive workbook and journal, discover exciting, creative and interesting ways to personalise your stationery, add a flourish to your correspondence and develop your own unique style of modern calligraphy.