Monstera Obliqua 'Monkey Leaf Plant'


I AM AVAILABLE TO CLICK AND COLLECT CUSTOMERS ONLY, please don't order me for delivery, I won't come! 

Hi there, I am Monstera Obliqua also know an 'Monkey Mask' or 'Swiss Cheese Vine'

I am a more compact version of my big brother Monstera Deliciosa. I am a vining plant that will grow long tendrils that you can leave to hang free or train up a moss pole or trellis.

I like indirect, medium to bright light.

I like my leaves to be occasionally dusted with a damp cloth this helps to keep the pores clear and allow me to breathe.

Ensure that my soil is kept consistently damp but not soggy. If I'm planted in a pot with no drainage holes, mist weekly.

Please keep me out of the way of pets and small children as I can be toxic to them. 

Pot diameter: 12cm, Pot height: 

Plant height approx: 25cm