Mini Envelope Advent Calendar Kit


Possibly the cutest advent calendar in the world?

This adorable kit contains everything you need to make the advent calendar pictured.

Fill your mini envelopes with teeny, tiny presents, if you can finy any small enough! Or give treats such as 'Tonight we'll decorate the tree!' or 'Today we'll go and see Father Christmas!'. Alternatively, make the advent calendar in to a treasure hunt by giving a clue to where the present is hidden, such as 'Check Daddy's coat pocket', or 'Look inside your favourite cup'. Perhaps make a note of what is in each one for your records!

You will have so much fun making the kit up - jot the numbers on to your stickers, fold your mini envelopes in to shape and seal them with your star. Pin your bakers twine up and peg your envelopes in to place.


24 x Hand Stamped Mini Envelopes

24 x Kraft Star Stickers

3m Festive Bakers Twine

24 x Mini Pegs

made from:

Paper, string & stickers


Each completed mini envelope measures 4cm x 2.5cm