Pilea Glaucophylla Greyzy 'Grey Artillery Plant'

I AM AVAILABLE TO CLICK AND COLLECT CUSTOMERS ONLY, please don't order me for delivery, I won't come! 

Hi, I am Pilea Glaucophylla Greyzy or 'Grey Artillery Plant'

I am a lovely plant that is great for filling terrariums or left tumbling down small hanging pots. I have a mass of tiny leaves or a reddish stem.

I like warmth but prefer indirect sunlight, and prefer moist but well-draining soil, or a regular misting.

I'm called  an artillery plant because I forcefully expel my pollen in to the air at times!

I'm non toxic and a good plant for pet owners.

Pot diameter: 10.50cm, Pot height: 

Plant height approx: 15cm