Flow Magazine Number 38

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Flow Magazine issue 38 includes stories on embracing empathy, how to fail, what you can learn by imagining things, and why attention is the new gold. The colorful cover was illustrated by Sarah Carolan. The magazine includes back-to-basics craft guide and 14 pages of patterned paper. Also inside:

  • The Art of Imagination Escaping from everyday reality and doing things that aren’t always useful can be wonderful in so many ways. So why is it that we don’t do it often enough? Journalist Annemiek Leclaire explores the plus-sides of using our imagination.
  • Embrace the Differences Often in relationships we tend to look for similarities, but journalist Sara Madou explores just how nice it can be to love someone who isn’t ‘just like you’.
  • Let’s Focus on Attention Even though we are busier than ever, we seem to actually do much less. As someone who gets easily distracted herself, journalist Jocelyn de Kwant looks at why we’ve lost the ability to focus and what we can do about it.

Extra: Back-to-basics craft guide and patterned paper

Fancy making something but not sure what, or where to start? Our back-to-basics craft guide is a reminder of some satisfyingly simple craft classics that you can get stuck into right away. Also included: 14 patterns.

Product specifications:

Number of pages: 164
Product size: 28x22,5cm
Binding: Glued
Language: English

Flow Magazine is all about positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and the beauty of imperfection. We love illustrations and in each issue there is a gift made of our much-loved paper

made from:

Paper, Card


21.6 x 2 x 27.9 cm