Ficus Lyrata Bambino ' Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig'

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Hi, I am Ficus Lyrata Bambino or a 'Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig' a relatively new cultivar of the 'Fiddle leaf fig' I am a more compact version but still with the same fabulous shape.

I am a bit tender, and require some special treatment.

I like a temperature of around 16-24°C and dislike drafts or cold places. I prefer bright indirect sunlight but I can tolerate some shade and some brighter light.

I like my soil to be watered once dry on top but I don't like to be over wet.

It should also be noted that I am toxic and should be kept away from children and pets, do wash your hands after handling me.

Pot diameter: 11cm, Pot height: 

Plant height approx: 30cm

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