Clever Pom Pom Makers

Set of 4 Pom Pom Makers

Pompoms are back! Make a garland, a scarf, a cake decoration, decorate presents with them, you name it!

Great for Colour Pop Christmas Decorations this year! Perfect for #worldpomination

Gone are the days when making a pompom was a laborious task, involving cereal packets and a good deal of patience! With these clever gadgets, you can whip up a few pompoms in no time at all. They open up like a clam shell, so you can wind wool around half at a time, without having to push your ball of yarn through a hole that is ever decreasing in size. When you have covered both halves of your shell, push them together and snip around the circumference, securing the centre with a length of yarn. Your pompom maker will ease apart at it's central pin, leaving you a perfect pompom! Don't worry if this sounds complicated, we'll send you a link to a full photo tutorial with your order.

Small - Perfect for making a mini garland to decorate a birthday cake, for topping a baby or doll's hat, or for making a necklace.

Medium - Great for pompom 'flowers', a garland for a child's bedroom, decorating the corners of a cushion or small baubles for your Christmas Tree.

Large - Perfect for topping a grown-up's wooly hat, decorating parcels or making a brightly coloured wreath for your door.

Extra large - Make a giant garland for your fire place, a fab oversized pom pom for your wooly hat or put one on either end of a chunky knit scarf in a contrasting colour - or perhaps a tribble style pet?

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Small - Makes a pom pom up to 45mm in diameter.

Medium - Makes a pom pom up to 55mm in diameter.

Large - Makes a pom pom up to 80mm in diameter.

Extra Large - Makes a pom pom up to 100mm in diameter.