Soild Shampoo Bar By Ciment Paris

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A beautiful citrus and white tea scented shampoo bar.

This sold shampoo bar foams very well and lasts a long time (six months for daily use). Its gentle and simple formula washes without aggravating. 

Compared to most solid shampoos, it has a real washing and foaming power thanks to the unique recipe. Made from only three ingredients: organic cocoa butter to feed without greasing, the SCI (the surfactant derived from coconut oil) to foam and make the hair silky, and a allergen-free scent for a discreet fragrance. These quality products carefully sourced allow the shampoo to last in time without adding preservatives. Without essential oil, this shampoo is suitable for all (pregnant women, children from 3 years) and any type of hair.

Most industrial shampoos are highly detergent and attack the scalp. Damaged, it will regrease faster or produce dandruff. The solid Ciment shampoo gently washes and rebalances your scalp. It makes you feel good from root to tip. Its simple composition will rid your hair of all the chemical substances, such as silicone, which suffocate them. They recover with brightness and vigor!

This shampoo is also ecological and zero waste. Its solid state, which does not melt even in summer, allows to limit the packaging as much as possible. Its average duration of use of 6 months reduces the impact of on the environment. And its non-chemical composition pollutes water very little.

Finally it is practical. You can take it everywhere with you, it is small, light and goes in cabin baggage. Perfect for the holidays!

Directions for use: Use as a soap: wet, lather on the scalp, massage, rinse well.
Store at room temperature, allow to dry between two uses.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (coconut oil derived sufactant), water, organic cocoa butter, allergen- free fragrance.

Fragrance without allergens: white tea