Birthday Treat Ticket Card

This card is perfect for giving a gift you just can't wrap!

You will receive 8 blank carnival tickets to complete and pop in to the glassine pouch attached to the front of your card - don't worry, you don't have to use them all! Use the sticker provided to seal your pouch. The recipient can choose to use the tokens when they wish - perfect if someone is away for their birthday, so they have something to look forward to when they get back.

Our suggestions include:

A birthday cake

A trip to feed the ducks

A trip to the cinema

A picnic in the park

An afternoon flying a kite

I'll run you a bath

I owe you 1 foot rub

...or just about anything you can think of! You can tailor this card to suit your recipient completely.

Comes with a brightly coloured envelope.

made from:



10.5cm x 14.8cm

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