Anorak Magazine for Kids

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Issue 57: The Fruit and Veg Issue

Nature is the kindest: it gives us trees, air to breathe, animals and even FOOD! This issue celebrates Mother Nature's most precious treasures: FRUIT & VEG!  We are off to Anorak's market where we chat to some of our favourite fruits and vegetables and we learn how to make a rainbow salad and a cress monster. Our Little Editor Molly writes a poem about Guac the Avocado and Sage takes us on a Fruitful Adventure. 

Issue 58: The Night Issue

Do you know what the world is up to when we are sound asleep? We do now, thanks to this special NIGHT-TIME edition of our Happy Mags for Kids. We discover what creatures come out to play at night, who are the real stars of the night and lots of fascinating facts about the Mother of the Night: the Moon. It carries a paper activity to dress up Maria the Moon, adventures in Dreamland and much more to spark our imagination! This issue was made in collaboration with the outstanding Mimaster, the Illustration University based in Milan.

Issue 59: The Family Issue

What is a family? That's the question we are asking ourselves in this edition of our Happy Mag for Kids. For that, we invite you to FAMILY LAND, an amusement park like no other, where we discover whether plants, animals and aliens have families and even learn to make our own using toilet roll tubes. We meet The Cheese Family, visit Family Street where strange creatures live and draw Little Rhino a special family.

Anorak Magazine, the ‘happy mag for kids’ is aimed at boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old.