Alternative Merit Badge Patches

Peel and stick embroidered fabric merit badges - perfect for the less accomplished in outdoor pursuits!

We don't see why the clumsy and less nature-loving amongst us should miss out on earning fabric merit badges! Simply peel and stick to almost any surface - and we mean it, they are REALLY sticky! 

Perfect for adorning bags, blankets, camera straps, helmets, school folders, you name it!

Choose from:

Backyard Camper

Beer Drinker

Bike Commuter

Burger Devotion

Cappuccino Master

Cereal Eater

Champagne Drinker


Glamping Enthusiast

Hot Chocolate Worshiper

Ice Cream Eater

Involuntary 360 Snowboarder

King of the Grill

Marshmallow Singe-er

Martini Drinker

Medicine Taker

Music Listener

Phone Sinker

Pizza Lover

Plaster Patchup

Red Wine Fanatic


Sunburn Worshiper

Tiara Wearer

Milk & Cookies Fan

S'mores Maker

Cupcake Baker

Pancake Stacker

Inferno Birthday Cake

Lollipop Lover

Sundae Eater

Hotdog Muncher



Storm Lover

Paradise Seeker

Gay Camper

VW Camper

Present Wrapper

Tequila Slammer

Tree Decorator

Christmas Cookie Baker

Snowman Builder




Grumpy Polar Bear

Trike Rider

Wipeout Ski-er

made from:

Embroidered Fabric


4cm Diameter


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