2024 Customised Sticker Set - Traveler&

2024 Customised Sticker Set - Traveler's Insert

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TRAVELER'S notebook customizing sticker for 2024 diary

A set of stickers to customize your TRAVELER'S notebook diaries with indexes, pockets, icons for appointments, inlets, and stickers to decorate the cover.
The design theme for the 2024 edition was inspired by the image of Traveler's Town, a town that warmly welcomes all travelers. We hope you will spend the year 2024 with your customized diary as you travel around Traveler's Town.

Package contents
  • Customized stickers, letter stickers, index stickers, schedule stickers, transparent round stickers, film pocket stickers
  • 6 sheets
  • Material: PET, paper
  • Size: Package / H2

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