10m Wrapping Ribbon

10m of pretty ribbon for wrapping your presents.

Whenever we buy ribbon from a shop, we are usually frustrated that it tends to come in 3m lengths - not nearly enough to wrap a few presents, only one of two at most! These ribbons are a generous 10m length. You'll find yourself wanting to collect a whole rainbow for all your wrapping needs in no time!

It has a tactile grosgrain rib.

Available in; 1 Indigo Blue, 2 Dusky Blue, 3 Cornflower Blue, 4 Soft Blue, 5 Baby Blue, 6 Ice Blue, 7 Emerald Green, 8 Sea Green, 9 Pistachio Green, 10 Bright Green, 11 Sage Green, 12 Mint Green, 13 Hot Pink, 14 Coral Pink, 15 Bright Pink, 16 Soft Pink, 17 Peach, and 18 Lemon Yellow

made from:



10m X 15mm

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