Cool Japanese Tin Badge Set of 12

£7.50 £15.00

Pressed tin badges, remade from a 1960s design.

These retro styled, pressed tin brooches are decorated with lithographed images and finished with a functional pin on the back. Each set is presented on a display card, as pictured. Each has 'Japan' displayed in small lettering.

Perfect for wedding or party favours, cracker presents, prizes, stocking fillers or just for your jewellery box!

The pins are very sharp, so we would not recommend them for small children.

Choose from 4 varieties as pictured -

Lawmen - includes sheriff's badges, pistols and masked heroes

Butterflies - three each of four beautiful designs

Birds - includes parrots, budgies, cockatoos and finches

Bugs - bees, beetles, dragonflies and ladybugs

made from:

Pressed tin


Lawmen - each badge is 4cm x 4.5cm approx

Butterflies - each brooch is 4.3cm x 3.3cm approx

Bugs - each badge is 3.5cm x 3cm approx

Birds - each badge is 4.6cm x 3.5xm approx