Brass Tape Dispenser - Handle

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by 2T

2T stands for '2Thickness' and explore stationery products using the strength and tension of a 2mm thick brass metal plate.

The products are made of solid brass, a perfect material for your daily use. Brass is a metal composed of a copper and zinc alloy, which intensifies its color over time and use.

2T make unique products to be used for a long time, becoming more attractive the more you use them.

Handcrafted in Seoul by designer Lee Jun Hee.


- In the case of coated brass products, pay attention to external impact and friction as much as possible to prevent the coating from peeling off the coating.

- Since this product is handmade, subtle differences may occur due to the nature of the product. Therefore, all products may be different, and fine scratches on the surface are not a product defect

- Change in color caused by oxidation is natural. If you want to return to the original state, mix salt and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. Wipe with a soft cloth slightly moistened and use it after removing moisture completely.

  • Size: 30x200x25 mm
  • Material: Brass, Stainless Steel
  • Roll tape not included
  • Handmade in South Korea