Ultimate Dog Pamper Kit

£35.00 £45.00

By Norfolk Natural Living

A wonderful present for anybody who loves their four legged friend.

This luxurious pamper kit contains natural dog shampoo and paw cleanser (200ml of each) as well as 200ml of dog cologne.

All made by hand using the finest natural ingredients. It also comes with an engraved wooden brush. All housed in a sturdy metal tin which can be used to house biscuits or toys for years to come.

Dogs should not be bathed more than twice a month. Their fur contains oils that are really important to the health of their skin. Don't worry, we naturally formulate the shampoo in this kit to be kind to their skin and fur.

Between baths, use a few spritzes of our Dog Cologne. It utilises natural essential oils and Witch Hazel to create a pleasing bouquet.

Don't forget the tin. Its sturdy metal construction is water-tight. Making it ideal for use as a water bowl on long treks through the countryside. 

After all that fun in muddy fields, the paw cleanser will come in handy before letting the dogs in to run across your carpets!