Scented Vinegar - Lavender


By Norfolk Natural Living

Our scented vinegar cleaning spray a wonder product - it can be used all over the house! The cleaning properties of vinegar are amazing but the smell can be off-putting. By combining the vinegar with relaxing scent of Lavender Fields you can now enjoy the brilliant cleaning power with no icky after smell. 

Not only does it make an excellent glass cleaner,  it is also really useful to remove stains on upholstery - like coffee for example - a quick spritz and brush and the stain is gone.

As a natural cleaning product, it is safe to use around children and pets.  Use it to tackle mould and limescale on surfaces (a quick spritz leave for 2 minutes and wipe clean), to use vinegar to remove stains on clothes - just spritz the stain before washing - it's that simple.