Multi Surface Cleanser - Lavender


By Norfolk Natural Living

Our natural Multi Surface Spray is a great multi-use spray for countertops, floors and surfaces, cleansing them gently without leaving streaks. We make it in small batches to ensure the naturally derived ingredients are as potent as possible.

Choose from two beautiful scents. Relaxing lavender inspired by the famous Norfolk fields, or sea salt from a refreshing coastal walk.

Bottled using recyclable PET. Handmade in Norfolk.




Anionic Surfactant - which is a fancy name for a chemical you get from coconuts. It's very good for removing dirt and grime.

Nonionic Surfactant - more coconuts. These ones help the spray to spread further so you use less.

Lactic Acid - if you recognise this, it's probably because Lactic Acid is the chemical that gives you a cramp when you use your muscles too much. We get it from fermented cord. It is a very good disinfectant.

Sodium Hydroxide - salt. Not the same as table salt, but close. You might sometimes hear this called caustic. It is very good at cleaning.

Orange Oil - The oil from a squeezed orange. It's not a very scientific process but it does clean incredibly well. It's particularly good at tackling grease. It's not sticky, don't worry. 

Limonene - the oil in the skin of citrus fruits. Used for similar reasons to Orange Oil.