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Box of 20 Tiny Ornaments
Foldable Paper Star 28cm  - Mat Silver
Foldable Paper Star 28cm  - Pastel Pink
Foldable Paper Star 28cm  - White
Glam Santa Ornament - White
Honeycomb Christmas Trees - Green
Honeycomb Christmas Trees - Pastel
Honeycomb Christmas Trees - Silver
Honeycomb Christmas Trees - White
Large Retro Tinsel Tree - Blue
Large Retro Tinsel Tree - Red
Large Retro Tinsel Tree - Yellow
Large Shell Star Ornament - Yellow
Medium Retro Tinsel Tree - Red
Medium Retro Tinsel Tree - Yellow
Merry Christmas Paper Garland - Gold with White Spots
Merry Christmas Paper Garland - Iridescent with White Spots
Merry Christmas Paper Garland - White With Gold Stars
Neon Pastel Bauble and Pom Pom Decorations
Neon Pastel Mini Bauble Decorations
Paper Chain Kit - Christmas Wonderland
Paper Chain Kit - Jolie Noel Baubles
Red and Green Bauble and Pom Pom Decorations
Red and Green Mini Bauble Decorations
Retro Indent Hanging Ornament - Blush & Gold
Retro Indent Hanging Ornament - Ice
Retro Indent Hanging Ornament - Mint
Retro Indent Hanging Ornament - Peach
Retro Indent Hanging Ornament - Pink
Retro Indent Hanging Ornament - Silver
Small Glass Pineapple Ornament
Small Glass Pineapple Ornament
From £3.95 £5.95
Small Retro Glass Ornament
Small Retro Tinsel Tree - Red
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Stitched Paper Star Garland - Classic
Stitched Paper Star Garland - Pastel
Stitched Paper Strip Garland - Classic
44 results
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