Small Eco Bucket Bag - Lemon

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Hinza bags have been made to the same design in Sweden since the 1950s. We love their versatility - useful for storage around the house & garden (we plan to keep magazines in one!), in the bathroom, for wet shoes or umbrellas, in your car boot, not to mention taking shopping or to the beach - we have been assured they make an excellent wine bucket!

This more eco-friendly ‘green plastic’ version of the Hinza bag is produced using ethanol extracted from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. As sugarcane grows it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint for the bag. The sugarcane used in the production of Hinza bags is grown on Brazilian plantations that are located at least 2,500 km from the Amazon. Although this is still not a perfect solution, producing a stylish product that encourages people to reduce reliance on single use plastic is a positive step. Green plastic is recycled in the same way as conventional plastics.

Height with handles: 38.5 cm. Height without handles: 22 cm. Length: 32 cm. Width: 15 cm. Volume: 7.5 litres

Carrying capacity: 10 kg


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