Alocasia Wentii 'Giant Elephant Ears'


I AM AVAILABLE TO CLICK AND COLLECT CUSTOMERS ONLY, please don't order me for delivery, I won't come! 

Hi there, I am a large and impressive Alocasia 'Wentii" , I have large arrow shaped leaves.

I could be described as needy! I like indirect, bright light but not direct sun or dark corners. I like a humid environment like a bathroom or kitchen. Ensure that my soil is kept consistently damp but not soggy.

I can go in to hibernation mode in the winter where all my leaves die back, but I should come back in the spring.

I like my leaves to be dusted with a damp cloth this helps to keep the pores clear and allow me to breathe.

I am am toxic to pets so no good if you have pets that like to nibble!

Pot diameter: 19cm, Pot height: 

Plant height approx 80cm