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'But it's my Burfday'

It's day 2. Amy's Birthday. Can't you tell from the badge?
'I want a Ben's Cookie'. 'Get it yourself'. 'But it's my BURFDAY!'

I've taken a few pictures from around the shop for you to look at.

Here are our Welsh purses. Still planning on making a welsh blanket patterned wrapping paper, watch this space! You can see a very pretty green satchel in the background, as well as a fabulous sewing tin I want...
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And we're open....

So here it is!

We are open. We have had customers, and they have purchased things. Not bad, we haven't advertised or promoted ourselves at all yet.

The bird sign went up this morning, the lettering was up on Tuesday.

Yesterday we had no stock on our shelves whatsoever....but now we have THIS:

and some of this:

and a little bit of this:
Here is the back room:

and the wall of pictures and lomos:
So there is...
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Nearly there now...

After a minor epos crisis, Henry sucking some plaster off the wall and the sky feeling like it might fall on top of us, we are finally....

nearly there.

More photos to follow tomorrow, too tired right now...
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Goodness, will we ever be ready?


This was Wednesday night? Thursday? Darned if I can remember.

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Well, the weather was kind to us today. We started to paint the exterior on Saturday, but today was a balmy 18c, so we managed to get it finished.

We did one more coat on top of this one. Do you like the colour?

Amy painted the high bits with one of those long radiator rollers (the sort you use for reaching down the back) and I held the ladder. Very tightly indeed. We had numerous comments from...
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Still no photos I'm sorry.

Amy and Nic seem to be a bit rubbish at taking pictures, and I'm still busy in the daytime until the weekend... By the time I get there, the light is really poor, as it has done nothing but rain since we got the keys!

They amused me this afternoon. I walked in and they both said 'there are TWO sunrises and the both happen in the afternoon!'. I was a bit puzzled at first;...
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Well we have keys...

We're in! Photos to follow.

We went to see the solicitor, then we went to see the agent and got the keys. They're both called Simon. It was very confusing for a time, but then I found that only having one name to remember was a good thing!

First purchase:

The list of things we need to do seems to be getting longer rather than shorter. I wonder if that's normal.

Found thisfabulous blog today; look at...
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Can we have the keys now?


We are T minus 13 days and counting until we open our new shop. Berylune.

This picture is the 'before' shot; we sign on these premises at 9am tomorrow. 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa. The money has been transferred. I can't see my living room for stock. The sign is ordered. We're all set.

Who are 'we' I hear you ask? We are myself, Emily, and my fabulous and talented sister, Amy. We are...
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